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Care and Maintenance

Our Services:
  • Quick checkup whilst you are on holiday, or away from home for some time.
  • Regular service and checkups, planned maintenance schedule
  • Complete care package for the system in your home, office, restaurant, or hotel.
  • Ask about our very fair rates.
    All spares and replacement parts at normal shop prices.
Water Testing

We can test your aquarium water for standard parameters. This is especially important as a double check if you are getting values outside of the normal range. If your reagents are past their expiry date, this is possibly a source of error.

Measurement electrodes also do not last for ever, a lack of maintenance can shorten their lives and result in erroneous measurements, they should always be kept clean and recalibrated from time to time.

We're happy to advise on technical issues

Proper Care:

A well- maintained system is a healthy system! Neglect may cause problems which are not easy to eradicate and which affect your fishes' and invertebrates' health